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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Broken Capillaries/Sun Freckles

IPL treats broken blood vessels, facial redness and flushing, and brown pigmented spots to give the skin a more even appearance. Excellent improvement in the appearance of facial redness, facial telangiectasias, and sun-induced brown spots can be achieved. In addition, it will give a temporary improvement of fine wrinkles.

Currently, we use intense pulsed light system that allows treatment of a wide range of sun-induced changes. The settings can be adjusted depending on your skin tone, and degree of skin damage. Not all IPL machines are the same. We use Icon by Palomar which achieves excellent results regardless of skin type. Please refrain from self-tanner 7 days prior to your visit so that we can accurately assess your skin tone. Treatments take approximately 15 minutes and are repeated every 4 weeks until the desired result is achieved. In most cases, 3-5 treatments are required. More severe skin problems may require more treatments. Expect to be slightly pink (like a sunburn) for 2 days after the treatment.

Hair Removal

Unlike other types of hair removal lasers that use a single light wavelength concentration, such as the Alexandrite Laser or the Diode Laser, IPL lasers use a full spectrum of light wavelengths. IPL lasers can alter the intensity of its pulsed light beams with various filters, but it cannot be refined to a single wavelength.

One of the biggest reasons why IPL lasers is so popular in the hair removal industry is the lower cost. On average, IPL treatments are cheaper than the standard cost of laser hair removal. Additionally, they can treat larger skin portions at a time, so areas like the legs and back can be treated in a fraction of the time required with standard lasers.

Is IPL Hair Removal Right for Me?

IPL lasers are more often recommended for skin treatments than for hair removal procedures. This is because greater precision is required to focus light energy on individual hair follicles as opposed to problem skin areas. This is not to say that IPL lasers cannot successfully remove hair on the face and body. It just means that before undergoing IPL hair removal treatments, you should take extra care to confirm:

  • You will be using an IPL laser that's reportedly safe for your skin and hair type
  • Your hair removal provider is both experienced and knowledgeable in IPL hair removal

If you want to find out if IPL hair removal will be an appropriate solution to your unwanted hair problems, you should meet with us for a professional consultation.


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