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Surgical Treatments and Mole Removal

As dermatologic surgeons, we are highly experienced in skin cancer surgery, as well as in the removal of benign tumors and moles. We use a variety of surgical techniques to achieve optimal surgical and cosmetic results for each patient. At our practice, advanced surgical dermatology procedures are available to patients throughout the Greater Long Island and New York region.

There are several skin cancer surgery techniques used at Long Island Dermatology. The type that is used in a particular case will depend on the type and stage of skin cancer detected. Pre-cancerous lesions can often be treated through non-surgical methods such as cryotherapy or a topical cream. A simple surgical excision of skin cancer cells is performed when skin cancer is in an early stage. However, if the skin cancer has progressed, a more aggressive technique may be necessary.

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Tumor and Mole Removal

In addition to the removal of skin cancer lesions through surgery, our dermatologists are experienced at removing benign moles and skin growths for cosmetic or aesthetic enhancement. Our surgical services at Long Island Dermatology include the removal by excision with sutured repair of benign and malignant growths including basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma and cryosurgery. Additionally, we offer many minor surgical procedures including treatment of warts, skin tags, cysts, fatty tumors and moles.

Moles and benign tumors can be removed for cosmetic appearances or if they become irritated from rubbing on clothing or from shaving.

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Long Island Dermatology has a $75 no show/ cancellation fee policy in place in our office unless office is notified 24 hours in advance of appointment time.

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