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Your Guide to JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® Lip Fillers in Rockville Centre, NY

Reverse the Effects of Aging with Long Island Dermatology

It’s natural to yearn for the carefree days of youth when you had radiant, wrinkle-free skin. Thanks to JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® lip injections, Long Island Dermatology can help you reverse the effects of aging with subtle, long-term results. As we age, the human body slows down its production of collagen and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid. As a result, you may begin to notice facial sagging, thinner lips, or sunken cheeks or temples. Dermal fillers help restore hydration and volume in targeted areas of your face. Below, you’ll find helpful information about what to expect from JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® lip fillers at our Rockville Centre or Levittown, NY office. Feel free to call us at (516) 300-1752 with additional questions!


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How Do JUVEDERM Ultra® and JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® Differ?

Part of the JUVEDERM® family of dermal and lip fillers, JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® has many similarities and differences to another product we provide at Long Island Dermatology. The main difference between JUVEDERM Ultra® and JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® is where and how they’re injected into your facial skin. Because JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® may be injected more deeply into your skin’s dermis layers, it’s typically used to treat the deeper wrinkles found around your cheeks, nasolabial folds, and mouth, including those irritating marionette lines. The main ingredient found in JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® lip fillers is still hyaluronic acid, but it’s a thicker consistency and strength than that found in JUVEDERM Ultra®. JUVEDERM Ultra Plus XC® is similar, except it also contains lidocaine to help numb the injection site.

What Benefits Do JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® Lip Injections Offer?

JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® lip injections offer many valuable benefits to our Rockville Centre and Levittown, NY patients, including the following:

  • Diminished appearance of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles, folds, lines, or acne scars
  • Little to no recovery downtime after injection (less invasive than surgical procedures)
  • Quick appointments (the average treatment takes between 15 and 40 minutes)


Are There Any Side Effects from JUVEDERM Ultra Plus®?

You may experience minor-to-moderate swelling, bruising, tenderness, or redness around the site of the injection. With any dermal filler, there is a slight risk of infection or other severe side effects, including temporary scabbing, permanent scarring, blindness, or stroke. However, dermal filler injections are safe when administered properly by our board-certified dermatologist at Long Island Dermatology.

Are JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® Lip Fillers Suitable for Everyone?

JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® lip fillers are recommended for most adults, although you should avoid using this product if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, allergic to lidocaine or hyaluronic acid, have a bleeding disorder, or you take blood thinners regularly. It’s not intended to reduce the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes or in the cheeks. You may find a different dermal filler such as BOTOX® or Restylane® to be more effective in these areas, as JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® is primarily injected in the area surrounding the lips. You should always feel comfortable discussing cosmetic treatment options and concerns with your primary physician and our board-certified dermatologist before seeking treatment. During your consultation at Long Island Dermatology, we’ll go over your medical history to determine if JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® is a viable option for you.

How Long Will My JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® Results Last?

Many patients notice immediate results from JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® dermal filler injections, with these results expected to last up to a year (individual results may vary). For the best results, you should avoid strenuous exercise and sunlight exposure for at least 24 hours after treatment. Follow-up treatments are usually necessary to maintain desired results long-term. However, you may find yourself needing less frequent visits or smaller injection doses over time. You may view JUVEDERM Ultra Plus® lip injection before-and-after photos in our Results Gallery to see the natural-looking results for yourself – we believe these results speak volumes about what new patients can expect from treatment.

Long Island Dermatology has a $75 no show/ cancellation fee policy in place in our office unless office is notified 24 hours in advance of appointment time.

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