Torn Earlobe Repair in Rockville Centre

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Torn earlobes are a fairly common injury requiring precise care for clean repair. Often, earlobes are torn when earrings or ear jewelry caught on another object, ripping through the tender skin of the lobe. If your wound is fresh or still bleeding, you may be able to request emergency reconstructive repairs through our Rockville Centre dermatologist.

Earlobe repairs involve:

  • Administering a local anesthetic
  • Clearing the wound of debris, if the wound is fresh
  • Refreshing the wound site if this tear has healed over time
  • Pressing the newly raw edges together
  • Applying fine sutures for even healing

Can I Re-pierce My Ear After I’ve Torn It?

Sometimes it is not possible to re-pierce the ear over the same site, as scar tissue buildup can make the lobe difficult to penetrate. As long as you have allowed your ear ample time to heal, you can usually have that lobe re-pierced in the future.

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