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  • What Is Sclerotherapy?

    Sclerotherapy in Rockville Centre, Long Island

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    Are you tired of spider veins? You don’t have to live with them anymore! The team at Long Island Dermatology can provide treatment to address spider veins large and small. At our clinic, we offer sclerotherapy to eliminate spider veins, particularly in the legs. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and a big part of that is feeling proud of your appearance. Over our years in operation, we’ve seen numerous patients from Rockville Centre and the whole of Long Island, making them feel much more confident in their bodies. Want to know more about this treatment method? Get in touch with our team!

    What Is Sclerotherapy?

    Sclerotherapy uses injections to treat the appearance of spider veins, primarily in the legs. Although the procedure involves injections, the treatment is minimally invasive. At the completion of the treatment, the injected solution will begin to shrink and eliminate spider veins.

    How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

    The process by which sclerotherapy works is relatively simple. Your dermatologist injects a solution into the spider veins, the veins become irritated and swell, and eventually, the scar tissue fades away. You may have just a few veins treated in one procedure, or you may opt to have more. This will depend on the size and location of the spider veins you’d like injected. In most cases, the entire treatment can be completed in under 45 minutes.

    How Long Does Sclerotherapy Last?

    If your veins respond well to sclerotherapy, the results are permanent. Small spider veins typically disappear after three to six weeks, while larger veins may take up to four months. Should your veins take to the treatment, they won’t reappear. Nevertheless, you should be aware that new spider veins can develop. In this case, you may choose to come back to Long Island Dermatology for more injections.

    What to Avoid After Sclerotherapy?

    Although sclerotherapy isn’t major surgery, you should still be aware of how to care for yourself after the procedure. Be sure to avoid a few different activities while recovering from the treatment. For at least 48 hours, you should refrain from taking any kind of anti-inflammatory drug and stay away from hot showers and saunas. Make sure to keep out of direct sunlight and avoid strenuous physical activity, such as exercise and heavy lifting. Your dermatologist will give you more details on sclerotherapy aftercare to help you recover quickly and easily.

    Be Aware of These Potential Sclerotherapy Complications

    Like other procedures, sclerotherapy comes with side effects and potential complications. Most patients will only experience minor side effects, such as itching. However, some patients may also notice redness or bruising around the injection site. Brown lines or spots on the skin near the injection location are also common. All of these side effects should subside in the month following sclerotherapy. Although they are rare, it’s also crucial to know about possible severe complications. Few patients may have allergic reactions to the injection or develop ulcers around the injection site. Yet other patients may be at increased risk for blood clots in the lungs or deep vein. Because these complications can quickly become dangerous, make sure to tell your dermatologist of your medical history, medications, and pre-existing conditions before the procedure. Doing so will ensure you are at low risk for these complications beforehand.

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    Do you think sclerotherapy may be the treatment option for you? Talk to Dr. Israel S. Eckman at Long Island Dermatology to explore your options. As a dermatologist with over two decades of experience, he can answer all your questions and put your concerns to rest. Our team in Rockville Centre, Long Island would be happy to schedule your next appointment. Get in touch with us today to learn more about sclerotherapy or consult with Dr. Eckman.