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How to Prevent Spider Veins?

Spider Vein Treatment in Rockville Centre, Long Island

Turn Back Time with Spider Veins Treatment

While spider veins happen naturally over time, that doesn’t mean you have no options when it comes to addressing them. The team at Long Island Dermatology can help you eliminate or reduce your spider veins with proven treatment methods. Our experts have worked with patients from throughout Long Island, helping them feel confident in their skin. We can do it all, from offering exceptional treatments to providing expert advice on spider vein prevention. At our clinic in Rockville Centre, NY, we’re happy to provide you with the treatment you need to reduce the appearance of spider veins.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins, in short, are small veins that begin to appear on the legs and face. They might be blue, purple, or even red. Spider veins might appear as thin lines and branches, or they might look more like webs encroaching across your skin. While these veins are damaged, they aren’t typically painful or harmful to your overall health. However, many people wish to address these veins to improve their cosmetic appearance. While there are some home care methods to address spider veins, an experienced dermatologist will be able to best help you eliminate or reduce their appearance.

What Causes Spider Veins?

The main cause of spider veins is improperly functioning valves in the veins. As blood circulates through your body, the valves need to open and close smoothly so that blood does not begin flowing backward. If blood does start to flow backward through the veins, it may pool and result in the pooling and bulging that cause spider veins.

How to Prevent Spider Veins?

Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to prevent spider veins from worsening over time. First and foremost, exercise is crucial to maintaining proper blood flow through the body. Leg exercises will be especially useful in staving off spider veins. Other ways of preventing spider veins include:

– Put Your Feet Up: Standing on your feet all day or sitting at a desk can increase your chances of spider veins. Whenever you can, take a few minutes to put your feet up on a chair or table. This allows the blood to flow in the correct direction through the body.

– Think About How You Dress: Certain types of clothing can put you at risk for spider veins. Tight-fitting clothes put extra pressure on your legs that can worsen the appearance of these veins. If you wear leggings or pantyhose, invest in a pair of compression hose. These can also help correct blood flow in the legs.

– Consider Weight Loss: Those who are overweight are at increased risk of spider veins. The added weight puts more pressure on your legs, promoting the formation of spider veins.

– Exercise Regularly: While it’s good to relax your feet once in a while, be sure to get active every day. Walk around every 30 minutes or add a new workout regimen to your routine.

How to Get Rid of Spider Veins

At Long Island Dermatology, we offer an effective treatment option, sclerotherapy. Luckily, treatment doesn’t involve lengthy recovery times or invasive procedures. Most cases of spider veins can be addressed with lifestyle changes or compression stockings. However, for more severe circumstances, we recommend sclerotherapy:

– Sclerotherapy: This procedure involves injecting spider veins with a solution designed to close the veins. After a few weeks, the appearance of these veins should subside.

Why Long Island Chooses Us?

Individuals in Rockville Centre choose Long Island Dermatology for numerous reasons, but none more so than our expertise. Dr. Israel S. Eckman has been running his private practice since 2001, after completing his education at Tufts University. Today, he also serves as an assistant professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Patients are impressed by his compassionate nature and experienced staff. Dr. Eckman is happy to consult with you concerning your spider veins or other skin issues. After speaking with you, he’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your specific needs.

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